Dec 16, 2014

Big rain. Delay of stone block supply

I have to inform you news of Indonesia of fuel price increases in the last month of the blog.

Without any major disruption, as usual traffic jams,  

It becomes to December without major changes.

But, climate was slightly different from previous years in Indonesia this year.

Previous years, in Indonesia will begin to rain in October.

But,in this year, it has started to rain from the beginning of December,it's
heavy rain.

When you finally think it started to rain, it is extremely a lot of rain.

Last week, in the Central Java of Banjarnegara
 landslides occurred in size of approximately 10 hectares. 
 About 100 people were now missing. .   BBC NEWS
Current search dogs also participated, has continued to search activities  
but mud search seems to be difficulties.

In the field to take the stone material, block of raw materials can not be taken 
because of the impact of heavy rain.

Candi Stone and Parimanan Stone of other, lime stone, Kinari, etc.

To citizens from the government, and he has recommended that you do not approach
 the area loose the rivers and land.Affect the schedule of Natural Stone 
of raw material supply has come out.
 For this reason, during the rainy season until March future,  
so it is expected that out the delay in the supply of Natural Stone.
 Customers that are scheduled to be ordered, thank you that you get your order 
to have a margin of enough time. .

Nov 18, 2014

From today, fuel price hike.

 The Indonesian government announced a hike of fuel costs in yesterday November 17

and be in forced Today. 

Gasoline is into 8500 rupiah from 6500 rupiah per liter

Light oil became a 7500 rupiah per liter.


Rates are revised from November 18 early morning. 
In this morning,  people who stopped to stand and tries to put gasoline  
on the way to work surprised !

Enforce of such fuel cost price hike in Indonesia, in this way you will always suddenly done.

web site Bloomberg

However, since previously had been rumored to was "9500 price hike in rupiah", 

the actual price hike width by lower than expected,  

you will be seen as measures that would weaken the rebound to soften the shock of citizens.

By the end of the year, but there is also a rumor that the price hike stepwise.

 The rise nearly 30% higher than ever, because the transportation cost has gone up, and raise the price of our products.

What we have been using your tax as a subsidy of fuel until now,  
by reducing subsidies,It is where we'd expect the government's policy to shift 
in the direction to adjust the infrastructure.
Thank you for your understanding

Oct 2, 2014

The Dolls House

We are starting construction from May this year for private house in Ubud. 

The Owner, the famous Accessory designer, so have attention to Design.
We stuck pretty to designing.
Unique Roof and small house like dolls house
Intention of the owner that want to make something convincing
because she joined designing with us to make her private house.

It is the same feeling also staff of HORAS INDONESIA.

As will finish or design that reflects the intention of the owner your like as possible
I will continue to make arrangements finely.

And, working in the field will also continue to promote carefully.
Construction of Roofing has finished  away end safely, 
 I will continue to put the roof tiles now.

Boring in the roof of the ordinary!  
With that said, it was painted in five colors.

Such a colorful roof !!
 It is scheduled to next week, the roof is completed.

Photo of the finished, stay tuned this!

Sep 30, 2014

Green stone

The one of the most famous Natural Stone, being used well in a pool at hotel and villa in Bali, 


Because the mining of the Green stone in the part of West Java,

 near by Sukabumi-City, 

So people call the stone "Green Sukabumi". 

The Pool of Ann living & ESTATE Villa in Ungasan, also use Green Sukabumi in a private pool.
The Color being changed into vivid Blue- Green when wet in water

Inspection work, check the error of cutting whether fits in within 2mm
I will continue to carefully packed.

Green Stone of shipping next month shipment towards Ash dot.
Against the background of the white stone house, a pool of green will be to look beautiful!

Jul 23, 2014

Starting Vacation of Idul Fitri

Most people in Indonesia are Muslim.

 It, because even in Bali Hindus account for the majority,  

many workers from Java Island is working, influence is strong.

Vacation of Idul Fitri will homecoming everyone is aiming for the countryside.

 This year, Idul Fitri is scheduled for July 28.

I take to prepare for homecoming from one week before the holiday roughly.

Start of homecoming rush this year was the 21st.

 Without congestion town of Bali, it is quiet today.

Also in the building construction site of PT.HORAS INDONESIA, 

I was homecoming workers and to the island of Java to wait for the family.

Site has become busy again it will be 10th of August.

Customers that are going to order for the Natural stone,  

please noted that our production after 5th of August. 

(Please contact us for more information because it depends on the type and processing of stone)


Our office,  28 (mon) - 29 (tue) will closed because of National Holiday. 

Stone export deregulation

 Export of Natural Stone has become difficult 

because of the new regulations since last February,2014. 

If it is true, the Natural stone that processed to finishing and cutting can be export,but

Interpretation of the new regulations, there are different opinions among the parties,

Conflict had followed.

Then, as a result of piled discussions many times mine officials and  
the Ministry of Industry, in and export officials,

And finally Natural stones for building materials,
 be able to export except Stone of the block-shaped raw, 
if there is an export license from the conventional,even if it is not ET-products.
However, even in the stone was possible export previously, 
there is a stone that can not be exported now.
 Stone that are not carving ,surface finish or cutting finishing,

the raw materials, such as the slate material and block

For more details information please feel free to contact to HORAS INDONESIA


Jun 23, 2014


Furniture and decoration were installed, ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA project be completed.

 Indeed, after entering the front door,  
foreigners take off your shoes in the TATAKI is,  

it does not seem familiar.

But if spend in Bali, tropical Island,

we want to spend barefoot indoor.  

So cupboard is also useful in order to take off their shoes at the entrance, 

and the shoes away in a shoebox

and to clear the entrance to improve the first impression.

From bamboo grove of the backyard, the wind blowing 

through the courtyard is a very cool and refreshing, even during the day.

The small porch in front of the backyard I put a toilet with TOTO Washlet  and washroom.
The Wash table is Antique Teak, put the wash basin " TAMBA-YAKI" (GAHOU GAMA  pottery ware), the one of the famous Artist , Mr.Ichino Hideyuki made.

the famous Japanese Pottery, The Blue color "TAMBA" very matched with Antique Teak. 

Use the tablecloth is the elegant Fukuro Obi for dining Teak Dining Table. 
And put the decoration dish of IMARI - YAKI and tray of AIZU NURI.  
Sense of quality increases.

Decoration of a master bedroom, a luxurious interior hanging  
embroidered crane gold thread has entered.

I became bedroom gorgeous.


Thanks, inquiries from buyers came in, leave is only one building after.

Also for investment purposes, in residential, and ANN LIVING ESTATE VILLA located 
 in very good location.

Feel free to contact us, please contact us to PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

Mar 21, 2014

Solid feeling of the Wood

Construction site of ANN LIVING & ESTATE is

The final finish of wall and installation of joinery of wood,

Then made ​​it to only left your work at the end of the interior.

Until early afternoon was very good weather is March 19、2014.

Door of entrance

Use Solid teak plank.

Grain is wonderful.

Because it is a big door

There presence.


Door with teak solid plate is very heavy.

However, by using the pivot of " DOLMA "


I can open and close with lightly.


From the window of the master bedroom,


I overlooks the mountains of Bali.

Since installing a "MISU"-Kray

The privacy secured taking a bath.

 Evening, sudden rain.The door of the living-dining, I tried to close.

It became a JAPANESE RYOKAN image.

Gate also ready soon.

In front of the bedroom on the second floor Vertical bar is installed,

In appearance with the solid feeling sharp.

 ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA  is a lease or sales with ownership.

You can find more information on the HORAS INDONESIA.


Mar 19, 2014

Japanese Style Door

UNGASAN was very sunny today.

Weather suitable to work

At the ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, our construction work almost has finished,
and migrated into the interior works.

  (Villa is sold with ownership,
for more details please contact to HORAS INDONESIA)

 If you go into the open in the door of the entrance,There are steps.  

Step to divider the outside or inside

I raise one stage the privacy of the courtyard.

It is a sign that implicitly
  "will be into the private area from here."

  Japanese will become take off their shoes automatically.
When I invited a friend to a nice villa, 

 " shoes was scattering " at the entrance, 

it is regrettable. 
The Entrance is the most important of the villa, 

because it is the first impression
So as not to show the place ashamed, 

 We put the shoes box in the entrance ( TATAKI area) 
which you can put a lot of shoes!
Now, it is sure that the first impression of the villa you up.

Then, in the hallway that leads deeper into entrance from, it is not directly visible pool

has undergone a partition of the leaf of the tree that only shadow and leakage of light.

Devised that does not directly visible courtyard immediately after entering the front door.

Contrast of the shadow of the plate and the light of day, on the floor of Granite during the day


It reminds us of the entrance of Japanese-style inn, "RYOKAN".

Once in the courtyard, and a pool!

Size of the pool 6X3M 1.2M depth
The color of the water in the blue-green natural 

 that put a Sukabumi Green Stone is anything cool.

Because you have incorporated into the design for air passage, 
 the wind blowing through is downright pleasant.

On the part of the overflow, and paved the pebble.
 The folding door in the living and dining

Are fitted.

Design using a grid taste of Japan.

The daytime wind pleasant, in the open door

I will look at the views of the courtyard.

Door to get out in the backyard also I opened, ventilation excellent!

Dining kitchen
At night, close the door when the insect is a concern

Let's turn on the air conditioning.

View through the door of the grid, also views of the courtyard There is a flavor.
 Near the ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, International School is also under construction.
living area
 It is about a 3-minute drive from the villa.

10 minutes drive to Pandawa Beach sea clean.

Golf course of 36 holes so is to open in the near future Pandawa Beach around.

naturally is full of still more around the villa, but it is located in very good access.

The person of the hope, please contact HORAS INDONESIA a tour of the villa.

Mar 7, 2014


The ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, I finished in just one step away.

The planting today.

In the courtyard of the pool,

Planting a lawn

The Plumeria in front

I planted.

 In the back garden,


Bamboo is planted,

On the walls of the spray painting

Shade of bamboo shakes,

In a cool atmosphere.



Around the pool of overflow, I put the black stones.

 The green stone in the pool and Green planting,

 And theJAPANESE STYLE "KO-SHI" door of the grid

I will make the atmosphere of the STYLISH JAPANESE.


 Planting enters, finished soon!


I am sold with ownership.

Contact us, to PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

Mar 3, 2014

Let's complete

Construction of the villa did not advance as a slow 

since the beginning of the stage and finishing  

the side blow of wind and rain rainy season

the difficulty of arrangements of the craftsman 

 in the construction boom overlap.

This few days, it has become climate is 

 perfect to finish may take weather.

Now already, let's completion.

Doors and windows so that the final painting
  and installation work, construction completion.


 Installation of lighting and the pool pump is complete.

Test whether it is flowing well in filled with water soon.

Toilet in the master bedroom on the second floor.

It is a toilet scenic.

Will be introduced the TOTO Washlet.

Delivery time is 4 months for import

 I will take considerable time.

The installation scheduled for this month!

Villa is the planned construction a total 

of two buildings.


1 first building will be completed by 

the end of the month now.

I am sold with ownership.