Oct 2, 2014

The Dolls House

We are starting construction from May this year for private house in Ubud. 

The Owner, the famous Accessory designer, so have attention to Design.
We stuck pretty hard to designing.
Unique Roof and small house like dolls house
Intention of the owner that want to make something convincing
because she joined designing with us to make her private house.

It is the same feeling also staff of HORAS INDONESIA.

As will finish or design that reflects the intention of the owner your like as possible
I will continue to make arrangements finely.

And, working in the field will also continue to promote carefully.
Construction of Roofing has finished  away end safely, 
 I will continue to put the roof tiles now.

Boring in the roof of the ordinary!  
With that said, it was painted in five colors.

Such a colorful roof !!
 It is scheduled to next week, the roof is completed.

Photo of the finished, stay tuned!