Dec 7, 2013


Finish has also entered the final stage finally .The point of the design,depend on the politeness of the work of craftsmen .Method of Indonesia after wall of stacked brick Plasterer works.

This work  requires the work of good skill to make a flat wall.

A pool in the courtyard work of stone almost has finished.
We use Sukabumi Green Stone at inside pool, and outside overflow using Candi Stone.Floor leading to the pool deck will be .

The wall of the corridor using 

the Black Kerobokan .I became atmosphere chic and elegant .Pillar of two reminiscent of toriiI have to design a symmetric .

The Installation of the floor of the corridor on the second floor .We applying a granite tile of ebony grain print .  
It's better than solid wood flooring because it is semi- outdoor, long-lasting , maintenance is simple.  
It will be looks very elegant with a luxurious dark wood grain .

The 2nd bedroom's window 
 with the motif of the "MUSHIKAGO-MADO
(It's mean looks like insect cage window) of MACHIYA - KYOTO.  

Elongated windows and small,  
has the effect of hard to see the 
inside from the outside.
It is often used in the window of 

 the second floor in front bilding 

The door frame of the entrance

Has been installed.

Also water tank ,pump and balancing Room

I will get on with finishing the rest.

An outdoor shower deck is laid on the top.