Jul 12, 2012

How to choose premium natural wood

Indonesia has the one of the most biggest and beautiful rain forest. 

And also good quality wood. 

There are so many Natural Solid wood 

table shop in Bali. 

However, in recent years in the destructive 

lumbering and illegal logging,  

forest of Indonesia is located in the crisis 

 of extinction.

For you, because I want you to use the familiar table for decades from now on

we recommend that you carefully choose the material.

Is should choose a material even if bad no matter how look,

  a certain and then dried sufficiently.  

May see the wood grain that appeared after the planed, be amazed by its beauty

Wood and dried carefully over the years is hard to crack, is also beautiful wood grain.

If the wood is not dry enough, you have problems with mold and easy to crack.

 A nice wooden table there is only one table of swirl valuable in the world

I do not come gets bored forever. 

Also for forest protection, the table was purchased at a time

please cherish as a treasure....

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