Jun 27, 2013

Indonesia fuel bill went up? !

Indonesia's government has cut a huge fuel subsidy, 

causing petrol prices to rise by 31% and diesel by 22%.
These days, demonstrations have been frequent in the city of Jakarta and other

Gasoline price increases problem, we had much at odds since last year

Government seems to have finally decided to price increases.

That said, either because the information is in disarray,

There is a stand and which are not stand that decided to raise the

Feel like Indonesia will.

Gasoline is Rp. Rp from 4500 into Rp.6,500

Diesel Rp. From Rp 4,500. into Rp.5,500

And, rising width is much larger 20-31%.

Partly because the rupiah is down against the U.S. dollar,  

foods such as rice also turned up already.

Kitchen of the common people and it would be have been painful, I'm guess.

And there is no sign of cars and motorcycles has decreased in Bali  

as long as you see the road conditions.

I feel that probably because of the holiday period of this school,  

traffic volume has increased than usual rather than also.

Fasting also from start from early next month, the rise in prices

too might be much more intense.

Jun 21, 2013




The Winner of design competition in Musashino Art Univ. in last January,

Kawami of Kenji's Concept  ; MACHIYA x ATRIUM VILLA

Now starting construction in this month, June 2013. 

The Location of this Villa  is on a small hill in the south of Jimbaran, Bukit area

and right next to the GWK park.

Access to Villa also is getting better, day by day, because 

GWK (GarudaWisunu-Kunchana) Park, was resumed development earlier this month.

In the aftermath, the road in front of the villa of ANN LIVING & ESTATE is that expansion

Are planned and water supply through the near future,

It is sure to be a more convenient location.

A unit right toward VILLA, left is the unit B.

The ground line of villa unit A,is  the height of the head of the person wearing the blue clothes

The views of the balcony from the master bedroom,  

Mount Agung and Benoa harbour if weather permitting.

To those who wish to purchase the ANN LIVING & ESTATE MACHIYA X ATRIUM VILLA ,

we will guided to the site, please contact Horace Indonesia.

Jun 1, 2013



Candi Bali is kind of Lava stone, the quarry is located in the

foot of mt.Agung, the Holy mountain of Bali Hindu.

PT.HORAS INDONESIA sell 2 kinds of Lava stone,

one is from Mt.Merapi, central Java, and the second is from Bali.

The both stones is very high absorptive water retention,

It is suitable to installed on the pool side floor or balcony, because

of floor wet is slippery, but the Candi stone is hard to slip.

Candi Bali stone is indispensable to the life of the Balinese people, 

it is used in the construction of the Traditional Balinese Hindu temple. 

because they believe the Candi Bali stone has spiritual power, from Mt.Agung. 

In Bali, use Candi Bali stone is Bvulgari Resort. 

Installed with mosaic style on the floor at the lobby.