Jun 23, 2014


Furniture and decoration were installed, ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA project be completed.

 Indeed, after entering the front door,  
foreigners take off your shoes in the TATAKI is,  

it does not seem familiar.

But if spend in Bali, tropical Island,

we want to spend barefoot indoor.  

So cupboard is also useful in order to take off their shoes at the entrance, 

and the shoes away in a shoebox

and to clear the entrance to improve the first impression.

From bamboo grove of the backyard, the wind blowing 

through the courtyard is a very cool and refreshing, even during the day.

The small porch in front of the backyard I put a toilet with TOTO Washlet  and washroom.
The Wash table is Antique Teak, put the wash basin " TAMBA-YAKI" (GAHOU GAMA  pottery ware), the one of the famous Artist , Mr.Ichino Hideyuki made.

the famous Japanese Pottery, The Blue color "TAMBA" very matched with Antique Teak. 

Use the tablecloth is the elegant Fukuro Obi for dining Teak Dining Table. 
And put the decoration dish of IMARI - YAKI and tray of AIZU NURI.  
Sense of quality increases.

Decoration of a master bedroom, a luxurious interior hanging  
embroidered crane gold thread has entered.

I became bedroom gorgeous.


Thanks, inquiries from buyers came in, leave is only one building after.

Also for investment purposes, in residential, and ANN LIVING ESTATE VILLA located 
 in very good location.

Feel free to contact us, please contact us to PT.HORAS INDONESIA.