Feb 9, 2019

Technical Guidance of Export and Import Policy and Facilitation

January 31st, 2019

Directorate of Export and Import Facilitation, Directorate General of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Trade of Republic of Indonesia, working together with Bali Province of Trade and Industry Service organized an event that called "Technical Guidance of Export and Import Policy and Facilitation".

As one of the company that running the business on exporting, we were invited to that event along with other companies. Some of them are exporting fish or handcraft while we are exporting Natural Stone.

Since around a year, the procedure to get Permission and Approval from Government authority was changed into online method by uploading all the documents required through internet.

Regarding the export activities, all the License of Export and Import now have to be approved through Online Single Submission Licensing System which was designed to cut lengthy bureaucratic procedures, thus attract more direct investment. The OSS licensing system should make business registration in Indonesia easier to submitting all required data. After these permits are completed, then the business permit as well as the operational/commercial permit will be activated.
And I think this is a great breakthrough as long as it can be managed well wisely. 

The Government also provide the web-based services for Export and Import Business Sales Reporting through internet that called INATRADE where all the monthly sales of export and import will be reported to government by uploading all data required on internet. It is quite helpful to saving much time while we don't have to go to the government office directly.

The Customs Services also take part of this program, working together and connected to Ministry of Economy along with Ministry of Trade and Industry which is hopefully could boost the companies to further increase the export sales.

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