Feb 18, 2016

Interior fabrics selection

The contents of the work of interior design is a extensive.

Layout and floor level of the room

which we must choice for the floor material,ceramic tile of solid wood timber ?

Whether there is a need to carpet laying on the floor of this room?

How about the position of the lighting and how the brightness?

Furniture placement and design, color, finish, also the choice of fabric, etc. 

 If the bathroom of the interior design, 

our works were starting from the selection and layout toilet and other equipment ,

 thereby determine the position of the pipe.
Instruct the detailed craftsmen of the construction methods.

 Work of their hard parts, but I feel you are doing with the left brain.

I good at using the right brain

 when the most exciting moment is to choose the interior fabric

such as furniture and curtains.

From interior fabric shop that VANIA

Sample came borrow.

Tropical seems colorful colors of fabric

Somehow to design, such as reminiscent of yukata fabric

Recently it is becoming a lot of choices.
Curtain fabric also luxury,
Vitrage and shading curtain fabric also equipped.

Would've been excited what will in any interior, don't you?

But, the point that you want to keep in mind when the fabric of choice is a lot, 
"decide properly the concept."

Please looking at the overall balance of Interior design... :)