Feb 23, 2018


Even though Bali is a famous resort  in the world, the product lineup is differently from the other city, Especially Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I think every people have an image like that.

But it's true, you get some items only in Bali! 

One of those item is KEROBOKAN STONE

In the project of Jakarta, they would like to use the Kerobokan stone and then they do the
request delivery Kerobokan stone from Bali to Jakarta.

Because of its soft characteristic, we tried to make a crate and avoid not to break it.

Costly it takes too much for local sales.

That's why I put the form sheets on the bottom of the truck and put them on top of it as well.

Only Kerobokan which cut long and narrow is packed in a crate.

Hope will arrive safely to Jakarta !