Nov 2, 2015

Luxury Resort Villas Construction

Jimbaran area is a one of the Most luxury resort area in Bali.

On Sunny days, you can over look the island of Java, Bali mountains  and Kuta airport from the Jimbaran hills.

Here, there is the Big project is progressing plans to build luxury villas by one of the major General construction company in Japan.

Starting basic construction work is going, and our company PT.HORAS INDONESIA has got orders for installation limestone wall around the main gate!

 Since the Japanese general contractors are especially ensure safety
even in Indonesia, as well as the Japan must be worn helmet and shoes

In Indonesia, most of the workers performing the work at the beach sandals with a small construction site.

To ensure safety, even little by little in our company, we will continue to tell them to wear a helmet and shoes to the workers.

Workers of everyone, thank you for your cooperation!!