Dec 16, 2014

Big rain. Delay of stone block supply

I have to inform you news of Indonesia of fuel price increases in the last month of the blog.

Without any major disruption, as usual traffic jams,  

It becomes to December without major changes.

But, climate was slightly different from previous years in Indonesia this year.

Previous years, in Indonesia will begin to rain in October.

But,in this year, it has started to rain from the beginning of December,it's
heavy rain.

When you finally think it started to rain, it is extremely a lot of rain.

Last week, in the Central Java of Banjarnegara
 landslides occurred in size of approximately 10 hectares. 
 About 100 people were now missing. .   BBC NEWS
Current search dogs also participated, has continued to search activities  
but mud search seems to be difficulties.

In the field to take the stone material, block of raw materials can not be taken 
because of the impact of heavy rain.

Candi Stone and Parimanan Stone of other, lime stone, Kinari, etc.

To citizens from the government, and he has recommended that you do not approach
 the area loose the rivers and land.Affect the schedule of Natural Stone 
of raw material supply has come out.
 For this reason, during the rainy season until March future,  
so it is expected that out the delay in the supply of Natural Stone.
 Customers that are scheduled to be ordered, thank you that you get your order 
to have a margin of enough time. .