May 28, 2012

Fusion of natural materials and modern art

W Seminyak

Fashion & Trends center of Bali, Seminyak.
 State-of-the-art visual trend of  hotel-based Starwood boutique hotel,

"W" to expand, came to Bali in various countries around the world

starting with New York!

Eccentric design was allowed to mix the modern art

such as stainless steel and glass objects made ​​of natural materials 

and water and stone, such as wood, dynamic

In the hustle and bustle of Seminyak

the resort of this size can
 Who would have imagined anyone. . .

Design concept of the W Seminyak

Sounds like a fusion of nature and modern art.

Wall of the stairs next to the lobby, Use Balinese

Kerambitan stone, make Unique stacked wall

be conspicuous.

Fashionable lantern was placed here and there!

Wall of the lobby, the Bali Green stone,

Moss green and natural as a whole.

Pink accent there!

This is a combination of exquisite color.

The Coffee Shop

Yellow cushion, solid wood Swar (Rain Wood) table,accented with white painted  iron chairs.

The bathrooms, the walls of the Bali Green Stone,

Patterns of network emerged in daylight from above,  

like the surface of the water like a light.

Please play with a yellow Mr.Duck smiling on the bathtub.

Directed is so cute!?

Stone floor of the pool-side "white pebble wash"

has been used.

  Non-slip even when wet in water, bright colors

For the design of the exterior is the best item.

And try to expand the material. . .

Fine gravel and crushed marble is.

About 2-3mm in diameter


 Finished !

Materials are presented in here has any for sale PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

Contact us, please go to the following.

Jl. Majapahit No.28a, Legian Kuta Bali, Indonesia
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Construction boom @ Bali

A new shopping mall will soon open as Kuta Beach!

Tourist attractions in Bali, Kuta Beach street,

In large hotels and large shopping mall is under construction here and there, or looked the big crane.

Large crane spectacle can be seen, felt kind of strange.

The Image of shop in Bali, 

such a small street vendors stalls. 

But, different here.  

Spacious entrance.

Because almost park-like atmosphere,


People who are exploring the beach in front of the shopping mall, want to stop by.

 Area of ​​the Bengkirai wood deck

This space seems use for event space.  

Some shops has already opened. 

Most of the shops, still looks like this.

Because most brands have deployed


It is common to the world of design shops.

And lighting, and design of shelves,

Has been refined.

  Will be opening on the third floor, the store of items of Bali.

 Floor pillar has been mushrooming

or will you going to make a partition of the store

 how the hell?

For shop design, display design, please ask to PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

Based on the research design and make a polite meeting in accordance with the product planning,  

will lead to your sales! Also check our construction supervision.

Details information, as follows ;

Jl. Majapahit No.28a, Legian Kuta Bali, Indonesia
TEL : 62-361-755393 
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May 15, 2012

Visit the next Resort Design in Bali, Alila Soor & Alila Uluwatu

The Black sand beach of Alila Soori is next popular beach resort in the late.

First, checked at Alila Uluwatu resport is located in south of Bali, Uluwatu Hills area. 

Uluwatu, the Southern tip of Bali is quarried the white limestone, and 
architectural design  managed with this pure white limestone and , To produce a best resort in the Tropical Island.

 The dining interior created frames with the superposition of prism of white limestone Jogja, 5x5cm and put Candi Jogja (Lava stone) put on the center, superimposed with a hole here and there so as not to have atmosphere.

And Second, Alila Soori. Located West coast of Bali.

This Architect design is much with Black sand beach, where in front of Alila soori.

Use material Kerambitan stone, we call KEROBOKAN KERAMBITAN STONE.

Small pond at the entrance area, use Candi Jogja ( Lava stone), this color is the best much with this atmosphere.

The solid one piece wood, is called Rain wood, in English, We call Swar in Indonesia.

At west Java, sometime called " Ki Hujan" ,

hujan means Rain, and Ki means... I think from

Japanese word, " Ki" means Wood.

Cracking and Hole is inherent in Solid wood, it's very interested in the design is very nice to use the cracks, Wild impression of Solid Swar wood is conspicuous in the Simple Modern Interior.

These Natural Stone and Wood are sold in PT.HORAS INDONESIA, too. Please contact us !

Jl. Majapahit No.28a, Legian Kuta Bali, Indonesia
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