Nov 18, 2014

From today, fuel price hike.

 The Indonesian government announced a hike of fuel costs in yesterday November 17

and be in forced Today. 

Gasoline is into 8500 rupiah from 6500 rupiah per liter

Light oil became a 7500 rupiah per liter.


Rates are revised from November 18 early morning. 
In this morning,  people who stopped to stand and tries to put gasoline  
on the way to work surprised !

Enforce of such fuel cost price hike in Indonesia, in this way you will always suddenly done.

web site Bloomberg

However, since previously had been rumored to was "9500 price hike in rupiah", 

the actual price hike width by lower than expected,  

you will be seen as measures that would weaken the rebound to soften the shock of citizens.

By the end of the year, but there is also a rumor that the price hike stepwise.

 The rise nearly 30% higher than ever, because the transportation cost has gone up, and raise the price of our products.

What we have been using your tax as a subsidy of fuel until now,  
by reducing subsidies,It is where we'd expect the government's policy to shift 
in the direction to adjust the infrastructure.
Thank you for your understanding