Nov 22, 2012

1st Villa Design Competition !

PT.HORAS INDONESIA planning produce new villa for sale.

We are being produce the new concept of Design in Ungasan area, Bali, 

With the cooperation of laboratory and professor of interior design at Musashino Art University (MAU) 

which has produced a number of talented designers in Japan, and we are being held of design

competition for Villa. 
The Theme of this design, "Machiya".

Machiya is a traditional house in the heritage Japan, Some Machiya are still remain in 

Kyoto, Gifu and others places. 
The view from south side to north. Location is the left side of green roof.

Machiya has unique and beautiful the way of lighting fixtures, air flow, such as stairs and Tsuboniwa

to house elongated, is felt everywhere in Japanese sensitivity is characterized.

We decided to make concept design for new villa on the theme of space Machiya has attracted 

 the attention of people all over the world now.
The competition entry permitted only Student and the party of Musashino Art university,  

Inquiries regarding the purchase of this villa to PT.HORAS INDONESIA. 

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