Oct 12, 2018

Natural stone "Bali Green" Bressia with Old Castle

 There is a stone named Bali Green that is often heard in Bali.

Bali - green tile material. The left side is a thing that took a while after cutting.
The ones on the right and below the center are just cut.
Moss green turns into a bright brown


The color of that stone is Moss Green, which is actually brownish even though it is named Green. This color of this stones are changing from moss green to brown when it is exposed to sunlight.

Bali green is slightly similar texture to the popular stone " Kerobokan".
But the reason why it's not so well-known as a building material is as time goes by,
the color changes from moss green to brown too dramatically.


Bali Green are used for stone statue materials for exterior. There are some popular stone statues include statues of Buddha, Ganesha, a goddess with a barrel, etc. 
Sculptures of the Asian atmosphere are popular in Europe and the United States.

Even though it's named Bali Green, the production area is in the mountains of Central Java.

Here are the process how to dig the stone by hand at old-fashioned quarry

These Bali Green stones has been bought by French Customers and was going to use at restoration of old castle project.

Many valuable historic buildings and works of art in French such as Castle, are made by the stone that has similar shade and texture to Bali Green especially when its color are changing into brown.

That is why they are looking for Bali Green Stone for their conservation and restoration project in French and other country in Europe. And it is an honor for us to be participated even a bit in restoring valuable historic buildings and works of art project. 

Block stones actually are not exportable but are allowed under some conditions such as are subjected to cutting and other processing.

If you interest, please send your inquiry to HORAS INDONESIA .   

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Oct 4, 2018

Candi Ijo ancient Temple and Brexy Stone Quarry

The World Heritage Prambanan Temple which is 9th century Hindu temple complex featuring structures with stone spiers and sculptures, located in the suburb of Yogyakarta in Central Java is a famous Hindu temple.
Candi ijo Ancient temple.

Do you know that there are many ruins around it too?

Brexy stone retaining wall

To the south of the Prambanan temple, there is a small ruins called Candi Ijo. On the west side of it, there is Candi Boko ruins. Both are on a top of hills, overlooking the Prambanan Temple from above.

Used Brexy stone block made Stairs

Until a couple of years ago, there was a ruin of ruins that was never known, but now it is restored and it is crowded as a tourist destination.

quarries of Brexy stone.
Candi Ijo Temple, Ratu Boko temple.
It is the "Brexy Stone" used for restoration of the temple ruins.
"Brexy stone" is characterized by light gray stones and easy processing. 

Now it became to sightseeing spot.
Carving on the wall of quarry.

Just below the Candi Ijo ruins there was the quarry of "Brexy Stone". And now it is popular as a sightseeing spot.

Brexy stone tile finishing natural
This Quarry already closed for mining now, but we still can get Brexy Stone in another quarry. 
"Brexy stone" can also be finished into blocks or tiles. If it is applied to the wall, the thickness is about 15 - 25 mm. Finishing surface available  for NATURAL / SAWN CUT .

For more d
etails information please contact Horas Indonesia. 
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Aug 11, 2018


Thank you for supporting us with lots of supports and warm hearts until today.
PT. HORAS INODNESIA could have celebrated its 11th anniversary this year!

Blow out the candles

 On Saturday, August 11th, we hosted a small anniversary party at the new Horas' office.


Thank you to everyone who could manage to came, those who could not come, and those who could not be invited this time.

If you could not manage to joint at our party, we are welcoming you to come and visit our new office. We look forward to.


Horas will always continue to power up sooner and better, so please support us :)

If you have some inquiry please contact us ! www.horasindonesia.com

Aug 3, 2018

New Sign Boad HORAS !

More than half a year has passed since I moved Horas Indonesia's office to Ungasan from Kuta 's Majapahit Street.

I was indecisive as to where I should put the signboard and how to design it.
Then time has gone by and on.....

The design was decided at last, ordered materials and construction.

HORAS logo with white paint is clearly emerging on the background with walls randomly arranged with Candy Stone's black and red.
Candy stone has acrylic coating.

Although it located just behind the famous Tourist Spot GWK, people sometimes find a difficult to find us. That's why I decided to installed a signboard at the intersection of Jl.Merak I and Jl. Pemukiman.

Since that, people more easy to find us and the road also became bright at night with this!
Come and visit us. You can find samples of natural stone in our office as well.

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Apr 11, 2018


I went to Tulungagung.
Tulungagung is a small town located in the East Java South coast area, but almost near the Central Java. It takes three and a half hours from Denpasar to Gilimanuk Harbor, by Car, and then take a ferry to cross Bali Strait to Banyuwangi, East Java. Then continue the journey around 12 hours more from Banyuwangi to get to Tulungagung. It was a pretty hard drive.


Turungagung is one of the famous Natural stone product, such as Marble and Andesit in Java.
To be exact,It seems not marble but limestone actually.

This time we got order from Australia, bush hammer finish Marble. So We went to Tulungagung for the inspections.

 Most of all factories in Tulungagung are small factories, and cutting accuracy is bad to say honestly. Even in that, We will find a factory that will listen to my detailed orders, from the choice of materials to the checking of the precision of the cutting and management of the finished stone one by one.


Once it's done, it will ready to be delivered to the warehouse in Bali where the process of packing in crate will be done there.

Container stuffing finally has been done this weekend.
We will safely arrive at your house and wish you a nice finish.

HORAS INDONESIA sells Marble Tulungagung Bush hummer finished. 
Size : 600x600x18mm , 600x600x15mm etc.
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Feb 23, 2018


Even though Bali is a famous resort  in the world, the product lineup is differently from the other city, Especially Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. I think every people have an image like that.

But it's true, you get some items only in Bali! 

One of those item is KEROBOKAN STONE

In the project of Jakarta, they would like to use the Kerobokan stone and then they do the
request delivery Kerobokan stone from Bali to Jakarta.

Because of its soft characteristic, we tried to make a crate and avoid not to break it.

Costly it takes too much for local sales.

That's why I put the form sheets on the bottom of the truck and put them on top of it as well.

Only Kerobokan which cut long and narrow is packed in a crate.

Hope will arrive safely to Jakarta !

Jan 24, 2018


PT.HORAS INODNESIA office has moved to New Office at :  

Jl.Garuda I / No.2 Br.Santhi Karya Ds.Ungasan, Kuta-Selatan, Badung-Bali
Post Code 80361  INDONESIA 

Since Feburary 2018. 

Neighborhood of one of the most iconic Tourist Spot GWK ( Garuda Wisnu Kencana National Park ), and close to Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, and Pecatu area.