Jun 1, 2013



Candi Bali is kind of Lava stone, the quarry is located in the

foot of mt.Agung, the Holy mountain of Bali Hindu.

PT.HORAS INDONESIA sell 2 kinds of Lava stone,

one is from Mt.Merapi, central Java, and the second is from Bali.

The both stones is very high absorptive water retention,

It is suitable to installed on the pool side floor or balcony, because

of floor wet is slippery, but the Candi stone is hard to slip.

Candi Bali stone is indispensable to the life of the Balinese people, 

it is used in the construction of the Traditional Balinese Hindu temple. 

because they believe the Candi Bali stone has spiritual power, from Mt.Agung. 

In Bali, use Candi Bali stone is Bvulgari Resort. 

Installed with mosaic style on the floor at the lobby.

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