Jun 27, 2013

Indonesia fuel bill went up? !

Indonesia's government has cut a huge fuel subsidy, 

causing petrol prices to rise by 31% and diesel by 22%.
These days, demonstrations have been frequent in the city of Jakarta and other

Gasoline price increases problem, we had much at odds since last year

Government seems to have finally decided to price increases.

That said, either because the information is in disarray,

There is a stand and which are not stand that decided to raise the

Feel like Indonesia will.

Gasoline is Rp. Rp from 4500 into Rp.6,500

Diesel Rp. From Rp 4,500. into Rp.5,500

And, rising width is much larger 20-31%.

Partly because the rupiah is down against the U.S. dollar,  

foods such as rice also turned up already.

Kitchen of the common people and it would be have been painful, I'm guess.

And there is no sign of cars and motorcycles has decreased in Bali  

as long as you see the road conditions.

I feel that probably because of the holiday period of this school,  

traffic volume has increased than usual rather than also.

Fasting also from start from early next month, the rise in prices

too might be much more intense.

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