Jul 23, 2014

Stone export deregulation

 Export of Natural Stone has become difficult 

because of the new regulations since last February,2014. 

If it is true, the Natural stone that processed to finishing and cutting can be export,but

Interpretation of the new regulations, there are different opinions among the parties,

Conflict had followed.

Then, as a result of piled discussions many times mine officials and  
the Ministry of Industry, in and export officials,

And finally Natural stones for building materials,
 be able to export except Stone of the block-shaped raw, 
if there is an export license from the conventional,even if it is not ET-products.
However, even in the stone was possible export previously, 
there is a stone that can not be exported now.
 Stone that are not carving ,surface finish or cutting finishing,

the raw materials, such as the slate material and block

For more details information please feel free to contact to HORAS INDONESIA


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