Jul 23, 2014

Starting Vacation of Idul Fitri

Most people in Indonesia are Muslim.

 It, because even in Bali Hindus account for the majority,  

many workers from Java Island is working, influence is strong.

Vacation of Idul Fitri will homecoming everyone is aiming for the countryside.

 This year, Idul Fitri is scheduled for July 28.

I take to prepare for homecoming from one week before the holiday roughly.

Start of homecoming rush this year was the 21st.

 Without congestion town of Bali, it is quiet today.

Also in the building construction site of PT.HORAS INDONESIA, 

I was homecoming workers and to the island of Java to wait for the family.

Site has become busy again it will be 10th of August.

Customers that are going to order for the Natural stone,  

please noted that our production after 5th of August. 

(Please contact us for more information because it depends on the type and processing of stone)


Our office,  28 (mon) - 29 (tue) will closed because of National Holiday. 

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