Mar 3, 2014

Let's complete

Construction of the villa did not advance as a slow 

since the beginning of the stage and finishing  

the side blow of wind and rain rainy season

the difficulty of arrangements of the craftsman 

 in the construction boom overlap.

This few days, it has become climate is 

 perfect to finish may take weather.

Now already, let's completion.

Doors and windows so that the final painting
  and installation work, construction completion.


 Installation of lighting and the pool pump is complete.

Test whether it is flowing well in filled with water soon.

Toilet in the master bedroom on the second floor.

It is a toilet scenic.

Will be introduced the TOTO Washlet.

Delivery time is 4 months for import

 I will take considerable time.

The installation scheduled for this month!

Villa is the planned construction a total 

of two buildings.


1 first building will be completed by 

the end of the month now.

I am sold with ownership.


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