Mar 3, 2014

What the Quarry Natural Stone?

Marble and granite, is the industry ordinary be done consistently processing from where it was a large-scale development, to quarry the block opens up a mountain in our own, and to export.

Rather than granite or marble, natural stone Horus is handled, has been exporting natural stone such as limestone and sandstone.

Material of stone (block), villagers deep in the mountains is by using a pickaxe and a chain saw, most will continue to dig manually.

Transported to a small factory in the village, where Have taken off the block.

 Have worked with polished or you can cut the stone block at the factory.

Based on the information and skills location of the plant and villagers that sells this stone block, and chose a stone block along the request of our customers, of choosing the factory by producer of stone and quality level, Horus is, of stone I will do the coordination.

Quarry stone of natural stone, is mostly small. You will end up moving material since there is no digging When you have a few months.

Therefore, quite difficult to be large-scale investments such as the introduction of equipment and maintenance of the road is the current situation.

 But simply because a small factory and quarry, on the other hand is, get to answer the request fine Horus. It is also the chance that you can contribute to the increased income of the poor villagers of the mountains in return, and ask them to improve the technology of the people working at the factory in the village.
To carry out the work in such a way that the developed world is difficult. However, to continue efforts in the hope that it can help when you are in the improvement of the living standards of their they incorporate the good work, such as new technologies and methods, even little by little.

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