Feb 5, 2014

Just a bit more...

Completion of the villa is also just followed


When heavy rain falls on Chinese New Year,  

there is a jinx economy is good that year.

This year, heavy rain has been falling all over Indonesia.
  Water under the eaves is still remain submerged in flood

even after two weeks in Jakarta.

 In Kudus village in Central Java,where the 
country side of the craftsmen 
 who are working in the field of our project, Influenced.
Arrange bus so that it can get to another person 
as a result of, river flooding in East Java now.
Blocked the way of the bus, and then starting the
  countryside It took three days to arrive to the site

 I belong to the final sprint finish (?!) Now.

Flooring in the bedroom, is where you begin to paint.

On the balcony of the master bedroom

Handrail has been installed.
From the balcony we overlooks the mountains of Bali
that's a wonderful view !
 Bathroom of the master bedroom also attach the device, 
such as a faucet or toilet,

It is completed by attaching the glass door of the toilet.

In the bath, We provided with a washing space to wash 
the body in front of Bathtub.

Now, you can soak in the bathtub it after washing 
 the body outside! That's good for save water.

 Toilet, bidet of TOTO

Toilet  in master bedroom and 1F living 

will be set up TOTO WASHLET type TCF491A. 

Master bedroom. Carry-in closet from next week.

We will finish the painting works for wall and floor
 within this week.

The ceiling design in the Master bedroom ,
exposed structure of the roof ,high ceilings.

After furniture set up the, atmosphere will changes,
 stay tuned!

 ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA is will be sold  
with FREE HOLD LAND now.

Please contact to PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

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