Feb 4, 2014


In the neighborhood of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, there are three units a private villa.

Others are broad grassland. It is a cool environment at night very quiet.

But, the environment seems varies dramatically this peripheral After a couple of years later.

In the neighborhood of about 200 meters west of the ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA is,

Of GWK Garuda Wisunu Kunchana National Park Construction 

work of the building of 127 m height has begun.

Just 2 minutes walk from Ann Living & Estate villa, the project of GWK building construction has begun.

Foundation construction of high-rise buildings of GWK began on the site of about 
just two minutes walk away from ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA.
Speaking of 127 m, height far in excess of 97 m Statue of Liberty in New York.
Site of GWK project. Can see the existing statue of Wisnu in the middle.
Road is passed through newly to GWK direction, construction of villas is planned.

In addition, at the 1-minute drive to Pecatu area from ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA is

Construction work of the International School of the three-story rebar has already begun.

Now, the development of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA peripheral seems will accelerate.

  ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, sells land ownership with right now.

Contact us, to PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

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