Jan 30, 2014


 ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, even  located on the UNGASAN hill, it is unrelated to the flood,

Intermittent rain like a storm which started from December was a very hard to doing work 

on the construction site.

 Finish wall painting and wood flooring, it's no good finish when raining

so had postponed all the way until the sunny interval.

Good weather has come after entering in late January, We starting in the work of the paint finish.




HORAS INDONESIA  also export and sale of stone.

It was will post pictures of this villa in the catalog of stone.

And I thought I would attempt to shoot for 

the catalog published in the villa after completion

but finished too late.

Ask a professional photographer

 I had taken only a part of the wall of the living room.

 Shooting villas are accustomed to because they always do,

It's just wall to shoot it the first time.  He said. 

  The front of the villa has also gradually see the finish.

I am working on outside events.
First of all, the person who came to see from the front is said."it's a small house!" 
Yes, our concept itself of Machiya, it looks small, but inside is spacious.

Once inside, it will be surprised to the size of the space.
The View from Kitchen to the court yard.

 Wall now also one more times, until the paint to leave the final finish.

Wind will blow as missing very spacious hallway on the second floor.

It is the best place to nap.

The corridor on 2nd floor. you can feel the good winds.

 Also in the second bedroom

Flooring has installed, and only leave the paint finish after.

Furniture will be carried soon.

2nd Bedroom flooring wood merbau used.

 ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, sells land ownership with.

If you are interested, please contact PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

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