Mar 21, 2014

Solid feeling of the Wood

Construction site of ANN LIVING & ESTATE is

The final finish of wall and installation of joinery of wood,

Then made ​​it to only left your work at the end of the interior.

Until early afternoon was very good weather is March 19、2014.

Door of entrance

Use Solid teak plank.

Grain is wonderful.

Because it is a big door

There presence.


Door with teak solid plate is very heavy.

However, by using the pivot of " DOLMA "


I can open and close with lightly.


From the window of the master bedroom,


I overlooks the mountains of Bali.

Since installing a "MISU"-Kray

The privacy secured taking a bath.

 Evening, sudden rain.The door of the living-dining, I tried to close.

It became a JAPANESE RYOKAN image.

Gate also ready soon.

In front of the bedroom on the second floor Vertical bar is installed,

In appearance with the solid feeling sharp.

 ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA  is a lease or sales with ownership.

You can find more information on the HORAS INDONESIA.


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