Mar 19, 2014

Japanese Style Door

UNGASAN was very sunny today.

Weather suitable to work

At the ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, our construction work almost has finished,
and migrated into the interior works.

  (Villa is sold with ownership,
for more details please contact to HORAS INDONESIA)

 If you go into the open in the door of the entrance,There are steps.  

Step to divider the outside or inside

I raise one stage the privacy of the courtyard.

It is a sign that implicitly
  "will be into the private area from here."

  Japanese will become take off their shoes automatically.
When I invited a friend to a nice villa, 

 " shoes was scattering " at the entrance, 

it is regrettable. 
The Entrance is the most important of the villa, 

because it is the first impression
So as not to show the place ashamed, 

 We put the shoes box in the entrance ( TATAKI area) 
which you can put a lot of shoes!
Now, it is sure that the first impression of the villa you up.

Then, in the hallway that leads deeper into entrance from, it is not directly visible pool

has undergone a partition of the leaf of the tree that only shadow and leakage of light.

Devised that does not directly visible courtyard immediately after entering the front door.

Contrast of the shadow of the plate and the light of day, on the floor of Granite during the day


It reminds us of the entrance of Japanese-style inn, "RYOKAN".

Once in the courtyard, and a pool!

Size of the pool 6X3M 1.2M depth
The color of the water in the blue-green natural 

 that put a Sukabumi Green Stone is anything cool.

Because you have incorporated into the design for air passage, 
 the wind blowing through is downright pleasant.

On the part of the overflow, and paved the pebble.
 The folding door in the living and dining

Are fitted.

Design using a grid taste of Japan.

The daytime wind pleasant, in the open door

I will look at the views of the courtyard.

Door to get out in the backyard also I opened, ventilation excellent!

Dining kitchen
At night, close the door when the insect is a concern

Let's turn on the air conditioning.

View through the door of the grid, also views of the courtyard There is a flavor.
 Near the ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, International School is also under construction.
living area
 It is about a 3-minute drive from the villa.

10 minutes drive to Pandawa Beach sea clean.

Golf course of 36 holes so is to open in the near future Pandawa Beach around.

naturally is full of still more around the villa, but it is located in very good access.

The person of the hope, please contact HORAS INDONESIA a tour of the villa.

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