Dec 7, 2013


Finish has also entered the final stage finally .The point of the design,depend on the politeness of the work of craftsmen .Method of Indonesia after wall of stacked brick Plasterer works.

This work  requires the work of good skill to make a flat wall.

A pool in the courtyard work of stone almost has finished.
We use Sukabumi Green Stone at inside pool, and outside overflow using Candi Stone.Floor leading to the pool deck will be .

The wall of the corridor using 

the Black Kerobokan .I became atmosphere chic and elegant .Pillar of two reminiscent of toriiI have to design a symmetric .

The Installation of the floor of the corridor on the second floor .We applying a granite tile of ebony grain print .  
It's better than solid wood flooring because it is semi- outdoor, long-lasting , maintenance is simple.  
It will be looks very elegant with a luxurious dark wood grain .

The 2nd bedroom's window 
 with the motif of the "MUSHIKAGO-MADO
(It's mean looks like insect cage window) of MACHIYA - KYOTO.  

Elongated windows and small,  
has the effect of hard to see the 
inside from the outside.
It is often used in the window of 

 the second floor in front bilding 

The door frame of the entrance

Has been installed.

Also water tank ,pump and balancing Room

I will get on with finishing the rest.

An outdoor shower deck is laid on the top.

Nov 27, 2013

We will guide you towards inspection of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA

Construction of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA also, finally climax.

Progress was achieved in 75 percent now.
From the Flont elevation, left side room is second bedroom.

The roof of the shed roof with wood sirab.

Second floor left is the bathroom of the second bedroom. 

 Corridor space is spacious luxury. The wall of the corridor side,using the Black Kerobokan of natural stone so as cool and modern Design.


The Second floor of the main building is 

Master Bedroom.

Here is to expose the structure of the roof,

with a feeling of opening high ceiling.


The view from the balcony of Bali  

with a feeling of opening  

The sea and the sky spreads.

 Pool in the courtyard

The elegant overflow

Pool. The wall of the pool

Use the green stone,

Green natural color of the water

 As viewed the courtyard dining.

I feel wider than the actual site of 200 square meters

It is a layout with a feeling of opening that was spacious.
 For those who you wish to purchase a villa, we guide you through the site.
 Please contact to PT.HORAS INDONESIA  call +62 361 755393  
 And please check our website

Oct 12, 2013

Progress Report Ann Living & Estate Villa on October'13

Construction of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA is progressing.

Can see the shape of the building gradually.

Bricklaying is over,

Concrete work of the stairs end.

You've can see the atmosphere!

Ceiling height about 3M in Living

& Dining kitchen area.
A flat ceiling, you will space is

spacious and
leads dining kitchen.
Doors and windows frame, use of solid Kamper.

Bunkirai is a high-quality wood,

but because
of the risk of cracking and warping,

I chose the Kamper thinking also


The View from the second floor

master bedroom,

see the courtyard area.

Well, lighting is also enough ventilation!



Of course, the view from the

master bedroom is also nice.

 For tour to the construction site




Oct 10, 2013

APEC successful completion!

APEC has been successfully completed.

For APEC, infrastructure development has progressed through September from the beginning of the year here and there in Bali.
The Highway project is one of them. Sanur - Kuta - connecting Nusa Dua, highway opened to traffic in September.


Now that you have open free of charge for one week after the opening, major traffic jam at that time.


Even now, it has become a tourist spot crowded "I want to run highway" weekend in those locals.

From Nusa Dua, Bukit area, access Denpasar, to Kuta is now much faster to use this highway. Nusa Dua over Kuta, took more than 30 minutes before, but it is usually arrive in less than 10 minutes just to use the highway. It is a dream come true.

Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.
International terminal, has been transferred to the new building.

The transfer of domestic terminal, time seems to take still.
Rather than the construction of the tiled roof of a traditional design, it is now modern architecture that was shaped like a cloud.

Bali also, is changing rapidly.

Oct 1, 2013

let's talk about Interior design of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA

In the field of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, bricklaying wall ends soon

Plumbing on the first floor, which had significantly delayed than expected also end, I've now also spread drug of termite control!

Process on 22th September 2013.
Photo is where you looked up 

at the master bedroom  

on the second floor from the 

first floor entrance part.


When create 3D, I was going to use the Chandi Jogya stone on the wall of the big highlight of the side stairs.
However, it was decided to use the black Kerobokan Stone and in order to give a sense of quality more.Atmosphere is different, in a solid feel than Candi Stone.

 Entrance is the face of the villa.

In the form of "Tataki" of the "entrance" 

of Japan.

The partitioning inside and out by 

attaching a step.

The small space of "KAIROU" - small corridor
  partitioned by wooden board of where you
  went up to the Tataki, it is the Signal of 
change "area " from Outside and Inside.

Once you pass under the small corridor, dining and Living facing and its large courtyard
  appeared, It becomes the structure that I can feel the sense of openness.

By incorporating the design "Japanese" of Japan to say that it either than the minimalist design,

To "look" I add "comfort". I will continue to finish full of the sense of quality, the villa!


Sep 21, 2013

Actually, three-story? !

ANN LIVING & ESTATE is a two-story when viewed from the front, but in order to avoid to show that impairs the scenery as much as possible.
in order to maximize the space and effective use underground practice,we use effectively of underground space for Water tank, pump room and balancing room for Swimming pool. 


The underground space will made by Reinforced concrete, now processing poured the concrete. 

 Water supply in this area  is carried out at a rapid pace.

Even though,
there are many water stoppage, it is better to keep the advance with the water storage tank.

 Viewed from the side
The level of the land has dropped from entrance toward the back of the living & dining.Living & Dining building base is raised level around 3meter from the original ground level. 

Aug 27, 2013

Resumption !

Hallo, between the long vacation of Idul Fituri How did you spend?

Our Construction site also have been to take a rest while 2 weeks. 

Front View of Villa Unit A

Many Javanese people work in Bali, 

so while Idul Fituri  the car will be less town of Bali

except tourist areas such as Kuta and Nusa Dua.

And,after long vacation of about two weeks end
It has become lively also Bali.

Construction site of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA
Front Elevation image

Also, craftsmen came back.

 I was off today formwork of concrete poured before holidays.

Then, the layout of the villa you will see specifically.

 On site elongated Machiya style of traditional house in Kyoto, Japan

 cool wind has vaulted atrium with a pool from the garden in the back 

that It made use of the style of Machiya.

can feel the cool window from backyard to Atrium

The View from Master bedroom to corridor


Aug 6, 2013


In the field of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA is 

now working bugesting and frame for pouring 

the concrete floor on the second floor beams and 

Work to form a reinforcing bar processed.

  Once upstairs, the view from the second floor can be seen!

And climbing the ladder, and I tried to take a view.

View from position of 2nd bedroom on the second floor.

Green field is beautiful unlike dry season of August of every year,  

because it is rain still this year.

  The mountains of Bali sea and should be seen over the green field,

 but I did not see in the clouds today. 

View from Master Bedroom on 2nd Floor. must be seen Ocean over the green field...
Task that they are pouring concrete, volume is small to use a mixer truck

I did all manually.

Human wave tactics is work to be good at Indonesia.

While the rain occasionally, work pouring concrete safely an end.

Project went into the break, because of Idul Fitri Vacation .  

It will be started construction from the end of this month.

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fituri !! 


Jul 24, 2013


Due to APEC MEETING will be in Bali in October, flight schedule seems to be some change.

Ngurah Rai Denpasar Airport will be closed :

2013 OCT 05 (SAT)  10:00-16:00
2013 OCT 06 (SUN)  10:00-20:00
2013 OCT 07 (MON) T.B.A
2013 OCT 08 (TUE)  10:00-20:00
2013 OCT 09 (WED)  10:00-16:00

GARUDA INDONESIA FLIGHT JAPAN - DENPASAR will be suspended service :

GA881  NARITA-DENPASAR (BALI)  from 05 OCT (SAT)  until 09 OCT (WED)
GA880  DENPASAR-NARITA (BALI)  from 05 OCT (SAT)  until 09 OCT (WED)

GA887 HANEDA -DENPASAR(BALI)  from 06 OCT (SUN) until 10 OCT (THU)
GA886 DENPASAR-HANEDA (BALI)  from 05 OCT (SAT) until 09 OCT (WED) 

GA883  KANSAI - DENPASAR (BALI)  from 05 OCT (SAT)  until 09 OCT (WED)
GA883  DENPASAR- KANSAI  (BALI)  from 05 OCT (SAT)  until 09 OCT (WED)

* Above news got from website GARUDA INDONESIA 




which has started from end of June 2013,
A unit front to Garage view

Now we are going to concrete work, Sloof, and Coloms 1st floor.

Foundation works, we putLimestone about 100 dump truck,

to get more high ground level.

Concrete work

the shape of the building will see.

 We plan to finish the concrete construction work for 1st floor 

columns, beams and2nd floor after that we are going on

of Ramadan!

Jul 17, 2013

Lebaran and Fasting month (Eid al-Fitr festival)

Please note starting from 30 July until 19 August 2013,

 for shipping work will be closed. 

Included Port, inland tracking, documentation

One month has passed since after the gasoline has gone up in June,

without any major
fuss too much, without congestion is reduced in Bali.

went into the month of fasting towards our Muslim July 2013.

It seems to differ slightly depending on the denomination

but it seems to have started from around the 10th July.

 Until the time of sunset in the evening, they spend it without meal and water during a day.

 It seems people who work in factories and construction sites is a fairly tight.

 However, since such things are going every year, they seem accustomed. . .

 It is scheduled for August 8 Eid al-Fitr, the month of fasting is over, they will return home

to celebrate together.

People who come to the migrant from the countryside in the distance  

workers will not be able to return in 1-2 weeks scene and return home.

 For this reason, there may be a building site and schedule of stone production period

will be late. Appreciate your understanding

 Bali, Indonesia is a variety of events in August 2013.

 (National holiday of Hydroussa-Fito~uri / Islam) 8.9 August

(Holiday of Saraswati / Balinese Hindu) August 10

(Holiday of Pagaruu~eshi / Balinese Hindu) August 14

August 17 (Independence Day Indonesia)

Until about the end of August, it may be some delay in production.

For more information ,please contact to PT.HORAS INDONESIA. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Jun 27, 2013

Indonesia fuel bill went up? !

Indonesia's government has cut a huge fuel subsidy, 

causing petrol prices to rise by 31% and diesel by 22%.
These days, demonstrations have been frequent in the city of Jakarta and other

Gasoline price increases problem, we had much at odds since last year

Government seems to have finally decided to price increases.

That said, either because the information is in disarray,

There is a stand and which are not stand that decided to raise the

Feel like Indonesia will.

Gasoline is Rp. Rp from 4500 into Rp.6,500

Diesel Rp. From Rp 4,500. into Rp.5,500

And, rising width is much larger 20-31%.

Partly because the rupiah is down against the U.S. dollar,  

foods such as rice also turned up already.

Kitchen of the common people and it would be have been painful, I'm guess.

And there is no sign of cars and motorcycles has decreased in Bali  

as long as you see the road conditions.

I feel that probably because of the holiday period of this school,  

traffic volume has increased than usual rather than also.

Fasting also from start from early next month, the rise in prices

too might be much more intense.

Jun 21, 2013




The Winner of design competition in Musashino Art Univ. in last January,

Kawami of Kenji's Concept  ; MACHIYA x ATRIUM VILLA

Now starting construction in this month, June 2013. 

The Location of this Villa  is on a small hill in the south of Jimbaran, Bukit area

and right next to the GWK park.

Access to Villa also is getting better, day by day, because 

GWK (GarudaWisunu-Kunchana) Park, was resumed development earlier this month.

In the aftermath, the road in front of the villa of ANN LIVING & ESTATE is that expansion

Are planned and water supply through the near future,

It is sure to be a more convenient location.

A unit right toward VILLA, left is the unit B.

The ground line of villa unit A,is  the height of the head of the person wearing the blue clothes

The views of the balcony from the master bedroom,  

Mount Agung and Benoa harbour if weather permitting.

To those who wish to purchase the ANN LIVING & ESTATE MACHIYA X ATRIUM VILLA ,

we will guided to the site, please contact Horace Indonesia.

Jun 1, 2013



Candi Bali is kind of Lava stone, the quarry is located in the

foot of mt.Agung, the Holy mountain of Bali Hindu.

PT.HORAS INDONESIA sell 2 kinds of Lava stone,

one is from Mt.Merapi, central Java, and the second is from Bali.

The both stones is very high absorptive water retention,

It is suitable to installed on the pool side floor or balcony, because

of floor wet is slippery, but the Candi stone is hard to slip.

Candi Bali stone is indispensable to the life of the Balinese people, 

it is used in the construction of the Traditional Balinese Hindu temple. 

because they believe the Candi Bali stone has spiritual power, from Mt.Agung. 

In Bali, use Candi Bali stone is Bvulgari Resort. 

Installed with mosaic style on the floor at the lobby.

May 28, 2013


Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture style "Machiya" simple and small but luxurious feel of the room with a more sophisticated, ANN LIVING & ESTATE present collaborate with the Musashino Art University Interior Design Laboratory, a young architecture japan, japanese expatriate real estate professionals and professional interior designers jointly developed this project.We present a new concept with a traditional Japanese design into a new resort for your tasteful.


 Atrium, Pool, Living & Dining

You will get a spacious and roomy atmosphere when you out of the corridor where the yard and pool inside a house. The dining room and Living room are made open so that you will feel like still being outside. Feel the relaxing comfort when you sit on the edge of the corridor.

 ENTRANCE Japanese Style “Tataki”

 Entry room “TATAKI” with the Japanese Style,The floor is made of a step (higher footing),The step has the avility as divider between the outside and inside.When you are allowed to trample your foot on it then you are accepted into the house. It's just that with the KOUSHI, the reception room and other rooms still have privacy boundaries.


Using "KOUSHI" or lattice - Lattice in front of thewindow, is very commonly used in the design
Machiya in Kyoto. With the KOUSHI view from the outside into the room will be hindered even in bright daylight  conditions but the air circulation will still be able to get into the room where the windows opened and the light can still reach the room.


MIYABI " 雅” - Our Concept are traditional but Stylish,
Interior Design incorporating the traditional arts and luxurious elaborate of Japan.