Oct 1, 2013

let's talk about Interior design of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA

In the field of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA, bricklaying wall ends soon

Plumbing on the first floor, which had significantly delayed than expected also end, I've now also spread drug of termite control!

Process on 22th September 2013.
Photo is where you looked up 

at the master bedroom  

on the second floor from the 

first floor entrance part.


When create 3D, I was going to use the Chandi Jogya stone on the wall of the big highlight of the side stairs.
However, it was decided to use the black Kerobokan Stone and in order to give a sense of quality more.Atmosphere is different, in a solid feel than Candi Stone.

 Entrance is the face of the villa.

In the form of "Tataki" of the "entrance" 

of Japan.

The partitioning inside and out by 

attaching a step.

The small space of "KAIROU" - small corridor
  partitioned by wooden board of where you
  went up to the Tataki, it is the Signal of 
change "area " from Outside and Inside.

Once you pass under the small corridor, dining and Living facing and its large courtyard
  appeared, It becomes the structure that I can feel the sense of openness.

By incorporating the design "Japanese" of Japan to say that it either than the minimalist design,

To "look" I add "comfort". I will continue to finish full of the sense of quality, the villa!


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