Aug 6, 2013


In the field of ANN LIVING & ESTATE VILLA is 

now working bugesting and frame for pouring 

the concrete floor on the second floor beams and 

Work to form a reinforcing bar processed.

  Once upstairs, the view from the second floor can be seen!

And climbing the ladder, and I tried to take a view.

View from position of 2nd bedroom on the second floor.

Green field is beautiful unlike dry season of August of every year,  

because it is rain still this year.

  The mountains of Bali sea and should be seen over the green field,

 but I did not see in the clouds today. 

View from Master Bedroom on 2nd Floor. must be seen Ocean over the green field...
Task that they are pouring concrete, volume is small to use a mixer truck

I did all manually.

Human wave tactics is work to be good at Indonesia.

While the rain occasionally, work pouring concrete safely an end.

Project went into the break, because of Idul Fitri Vacation .  

It will be started construction from the end of this month.

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fituri !! 


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