Aug 3, 2018

New Sign Boad HORAS !

More than half a year has passed since I moved Horas Indonesia's office to Ungasan from Kuta 's Majapahit Street.

I was indecisive as to where I should put the signboard and how to design it.
Then time has gone by and on.....

The design was decided at last, ordered materials and construction.

HORAS logo with white paint is clearly emerging on the background with walls randomly arranged with Candy Stone's black and red.
Candy stone has acrylic coating.

Although it located just behind the famous Tourist Spot GWK, people sometimes find a difficult to find us. That's why I decided to installed a signboard at the intersection of Jl.Merak I and Jl. Pemukiman.

Since that, people more easy to find us and the road also became bright at night with this!
Come and visit us. You can find samples of natural stone in our office as well.

More details of HORAS INDONESIA please check our web site.

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