Apr 11, 2018


I went to Tulungagung.
Tulungagung is a small town located in the East Java South coast area, but almost near the Central Java. It takes three and a half hours from Denpasar to Gilimanuk Harbor, by Car, and then take a ferry to cross Bali Strait to Banyuwangi, East Java. Then continue the journey around 12 hours more from Banyuwangi to get to Tulungagung. It was a pretty hard drive.


Turungagung is one of the famous Natural stone product, such as Marble and Andesit in Java.
To be exact,It seems not marble but limestone actually.

This time we got order from Australia, bush hammer finish Marble. So We went to Tulungagung for the inspections.

 Most of all factories in Tulungagung are small factories, and cutting accuracy is bad to say honestly. Even in that, We will find a factory that will listen to my detailed orders, from the choice of materials to the checking of the precision of the cutting and management of the finished stone one by one.


Once it's done, it will ready to be delivered to the warehouse in Bali where the process of packing in crate will be done there.

Container stuffing finally has been done this weekend.
We will safely arrive at your house and wish you a nice finish.

HORAS INDONESIA sells Marble Tulungagung Bush hummer finished. 
Size : 600x600x18mm , 600x600x15mm etc.
For more details, please check our website HERE

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