Oct 4, 2018

Candi Ijo ancient Temple and Brexy Stone Quarry

The World Heritage Prambanan Temple which is 9th century Hindu temple complex featuring structures with stone spiers and sculptures, located in the suburb of Yogyakarta in Central Java is a famous Hindu temple.
Candi ijo Ancient temple.

Do you know that there are many ruins around it too?

Brexy stone retaining wall

To the south of the Prambanan temple, there is a small ruins called Candi Ijo. On the west side of it, there is Candi Boko ruins. Both are on a top of hills, overlooking the Prambanan Temple from above.

Used Brexy stone block made Stairs

Until a couple of years ago, there was a ruin of ruins that was never known, but now it is restored and it is crowded as a tourist destination.

quarries of Brexy stone.
Candi Ijo Temple, Ratu Boko temple.
It is the "Brexy Stone" used for restoration of the temple ruins.
"Brexy stone" is characterized by light gray stones and easy processing. 

Now it became to sightseeing spot.
Carving on the wall of quarry.

Just below the Candi Ijo ruins there was the quarry of "Brexy Stone". And now it is popular as a sightseeing spot.

Brexy stone tile finishing natural
This Quarry already closed for mining now, but we still can get Brexy Stone in another quarry. 
"Brexy stone" can also be finished into blocks or tiles. If it is applied to the wall, the thickness is about 15 - 25 mm. Finishing surface available  for NATURAL / SAWN CUT .

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