May 30, 2015

The Dolls house, finally complated.

Doll's House

The concept design has worked by owner's by own, 

our construction works had started from last year, was finally completed!

I call this house 

" The Doll's house", 
because the design like used in the puppet show!

This nickname not used by the owner. . .

A guest room interior of the HANARE.

Upon started project, it was scheduled to put a ceiling,

But suddenly had changed to exposed ceiling!

Put a fluorescent orange pendant lamp as an accent

In white interior.

 Use the 5-colors of the roof tiles,
Alcove surrounded terrace.

It is unique atmosphere.

On the first floor of the main building,  

there are dining room and kitchen, the owner of the atelier.

  It's used  the classic cement tile with colonial style lovers.

 If you go up the stairs of the main building

it looks spacious of rice terrace landscape 

 from the second floor large terrace windows

2nd floor in the living room, ceiling exposed ,  

there is a loft. It's a small space

but now spacious and open space.

 The owner of the bedroom.

Doors and windows, flooring are used abundantly teak, 

  the luxury room.

Rice fields of the breeze feels good room 

 to enter through the window.

Kids Room.
In order to also study, and are equipped with reading lights on top of the desk study.

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