Jan 21, 2013

1st Villa Design Contest results announced!

1st Villa Design Contest results announced!

PT.HORAS INDONESIA is to design a villa with a new concept, unlike the usual villa.

With the cooperation of the Musashino Art University to learn the most up-date design in Japan, this amazing design contest Villa could be held.

Submission has been closed on the 11th January 2013. and we have  selection work was carried out by Owner of this project, Harumi Hashimoto representatives of PT.HORAS INDONESIA and Mr.Tsuno Masaru,designer an Managing Director of  HOLOGRAM Ltd., also he is a  trainer of  Musashino Art University.

On the selection of this award-winning works :
The Grand Prize  to selected a one work , and Excellence Prize are scheduled to selection three works, but there was no corresponding works, it will be considered as a single work.

 And, because it's studded masterpiece, I chose to work Honorable Mention two points but had not set would otherwise honorable mention.

1st Villa Design Contest results announced

GRAND PRIZE                 MACHIYA X ATRIUM             

                                                   Mr. KAWAMI Kenji     
                                 Dept Architecture 3rd year 

                                                   Mr. SEKIGUCHI Taichi 
                       Majoring Interior Design  3rd year

                                                   Unit of Mr.YASUDA Hiroki    
                                                        Dept Architecture 3rd year 
                                                              Ms.Sato Yuki 
                                                        Dept Architecture 3rd year


GRAND PRIZE   Machiya x Atrium   
MR.KAWAMI Takeshi    Dept Architecture 3rd year

It has been rated among the very the auditor have a built-in elongated form of the site concept and well "MACHIYA" is the theme of this, the specifications of the house alive in Japan.
That was provided in the center of the building referred to as COOL VOID, space like "Engawa", the courtyard that followed,I became a design to put light and air throughout the building. Production through the courtyard and then you exit the narrow corridor and enter from the entrance that I liked.

Mr. SEKIGUCHI Taichi   Majoring Interior Design  3rd year

 Express the dynamic building form that boldly put a diagonal cut.
That there is a diagonal cut, it is a work that the goodness of Japanese architecture to issue the ambiguity of inside and outside are represented.
Also looks like origami, the shape of the roof made ​​of palm leaf image fixtures moist in Japan are also well familiar with in modern. When it comes to design that incorporates the motif of Japanese architecture, but tend to be conservative Eteshite design, I can feel the underlying strength of Japan and see the work of Mr. Sekiguchi!

                                                          Unit of Mr.YASUDA Hiroki    Dept Architecture 3rd year 
                                                                    Ms.Sato Yuki           Dept Architecture 3rd year

In units of two students majoring in the Department of Architecture and interior design,submit two designs.

 By placing the unit shifted little by little square box, concept or broaden your horizons, and shed light and air have been evaluated.

 Adopting both the design we have proposed two unfortunately I can not. Subject of this villa two units A · B does not because each can be shared.
It is evaluated each room building has been configured to very light, feel the depth, but I was selected to honorable mention.

Above, was the work of four pairs winners.

Missed the winning works this time, will have all the tour de force, I was able to feel the energy of young people in Japan. I would like to thank the people who we have to apply for us. In addition, the laboratory assistant who for his cooperation in this contest people, I wish to express my deep appreciation to people of many others.

We will adopt the design of the award-winning best villa Bali Ungasan area actually built now, the work of Kenji Kawami.In the future, we will be will be posted on the blog at any time until the completion of the process of this villa.

Thank you very much everyone!

Contact us for villa design, please contact PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

Copyright and design rights of winners was published in this blog are the property of their PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

If you posted on the web magazine about the winning entries, etc., please contact PT.HORAS INDONESIA.

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