Jan 8, 2012

Kerobokan stone

PT. HORAS INDONESIA introduce many kinds of stone from Indonesia, even almost of all natural stone is from Java. But,Bali, is Island of Gods also have some kinds of unique stones.

Bali's original stones mostly use for Traditional Temple, Banjar and traditional house. But after Luxury resort in Bali using Balinese traditional stone in their design, the image of Balinese stone has changed into COOL AND CHIC!

And now many client from Jakarta, Europe, Asia want to use Balinese traditional stone, to make unique and Cool design. We introduce the details of Kerobokan stone;

One is Original Kerobokan stone, the origin is from West Bali. The color is depend on quarry, Yellow and Dark Brown, Dark Gray.

Two : is East Java origin. We call Black Kerobokan, because the motif is very similar with Kerobokan stone, but little bit harder than Kerobokan. The color is dark brown.

Three : is also East Java origin. We call Sarwo Genap. Looks little bit Gray and Green.

For more information or order stone, please contact to HORAS INDONESIA.